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2021 Forecast Journal

Are you ready for the new year? Here’s a little something to help you get prepared – the 2021 Forecast Journal, now available in my Etsy store! This journal is like a mix between a tarot journal with a year ahead tarot spread, and a guided journal with prompts.

The journal starts off with a couple of prompted journaling pages dedicated to a review of 2020 as well as hopes and ambitions for 2021. We then have the yearly forecast; and the idea is that you pull a tarot or oracle card for each month of the year, as well as one card for the overall theme of the year. I have also added forecasts for different areas of your life, such as love & relationships, career, finances etc. I have left one page blank so that you can print it and use for whatever theme you like.

At the end of the journal there is a ‘scripting’ exercise. Scripting is a form of manifestation practice; where you write down your dream life in present tense in order to ‘trick’ your brain into believing it is real! For this exercise you could also create a vision board in Pinterest or a similar tool to go along with it.

There are two versions of this workbook; one coloured and one black and white. The coloured version is decorated with a little butterfly, whereas the black and white version is simple in its design and you can use it as is or add your own designs to it. Both are available in A4 and US Letter size. You can print the journal or upload to a digital notebook such as Goodnotes.

Purchase the journal here:

I hope you’ll like this journal and that it will provide you with the guidance you’re looking for!

Love & Light,


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