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New Deck: The Autumn Oracle!

Here’s the latest addition to the shop; The Autumn Oracle – a printable oracle deck for the fall season! You can pull a daily card as guidance, or use it as part of more elaborate readings. Feel free to use your imagination!

The pack consists of 27 full-colour printable cards, and a pattern that you can print on the back of the card sheets, before you cut out the cards. Once you have purchased it you may download the file and print it as many times as you like for personal use. There is one A4 and one US Letter version available for instant download.

Here’s a flip-through video where you get a closer look at the cards:

I have used a 160g/m2 colour copy print paper for the version you can see in this flip-through video, but photo print paper or even sturdier colour print paper would also be good options. You can also laminate the cards for extra durability.

Get your copy here:

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