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Lenormand Virtual Summit

The World Divination Association is hosting a virtual Lenormand Summit in August 2020, and I’m one of the speakers! My session is called “Intuitive Lenormand readings” and I’ll be sharing how I use Lenormand together with other cards in my readings.

This virtual conference is the place to learn from the best in the Lenormand world, traditional techniques, modern twists and a stack of methods to enhance your reading style, and you’ll get to meet other like-minded creative readers and hang out with your favourite Lenormand Experts. You also will have the opportunity to network, receive personalized help, and hear industry experts share their secrets

What is Lenormand you might ask? Lenormand is a card divination system, that is named after an 18th century French fortune teller named Mademoiselle Lenormand. (She was a total badass by the way, and was friends with Marie-Antoinette and others in the French elite).

My favourite Lenormand deck is the modern “Gilded Reverie Lenormand” by Ciro Marchetti, but I have also created a printable Lenormand deck myself! You can find it here. It’s perfect for beginners!

I’m looking forward to this summit, especially to learn from all the other speakers.



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