Relationship Advice
Mini Oracle Deck

18 printable oracle cards for love readings and daily check-ins with your specific person!

You know how you wish you could have a sign from above each day that explained the status of your relationship? Or the intentions of your soulmate?

With this FREE printable oracle deck, you will receive to the point guidance about your relationship with your specific person.

The printable Relationship Advice Mini Oracle Deck is perfect for...

Receiving relationship advice for the day

Love guidance for you and your special person

Tarot readings focused on love and relationships

Twin flame and soulmate readings

Hi, I’m Karin

The tarot reader and oracle deck creator behind this deck

I know how important it is to start each day with a guide. I do it myself. Plus, I absolutely enjoy deck creation, and have created many different oracle decks for both general and love readings.

With the Relationship Advice Mini Oracle Deck, I designed it with super simple messages. So, you can quickly do your daily check-ins and get general advice on your relationship as you start your day.

So, go ahead and snag one of my favourite mini oracle decks for free, and don’t be afraid to tag me and let me know how it goes!

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