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Ready for an Oracle Card Deck Designed for Soulmate and Twin Flame Readings?

Get the 50-set printable Love Notes Oracle Cards for balanced, nuanced readings for yourself or clients for only $5 USD.

Add magical messages to your tarot readings and get the exact messaging and guidance you need. With 50 channeled love messages for soulmate and twin flame love readings, you will be ready to receive more realistic, clear, and reliable readings.


The Love Notes Oracle Deck for Clarity

The Love Notes Oracle Deck carries channeled love messages for intuitive readings. It’s a downloadable 50-card deck with messages for twin flame readings and soulmate readings.

As a Duality Pack that speaks to love, separation, and doubt, you will have a clearer guide to your relationships.

While designed for love readings, it can easily be included when using multiple decks in your tarot readings to give you a gorgeous and meaningful spread.

The messages are insightful and will reflect the answers you seek about your twin flame, soulmate, or other relationship.

These love reading oracle cards are ideal for...

Individuals who want to read for themselves

Couples reading together for their relationship

Tarot readers doing collective readings online

Tarot readers offering 1-on-1 readings for clients

Use The Love Notes Oracle Cards To...

The Love Notes Oracle Card Deck provides clarity for twin flame and soulmate readings.

And even better, it’s the perfect deck to support intuitive reading and divination.

It does not come with an instruction booklet because the messages are designed to draw on your own intuition and interpretation. This makes the deck an easy addition to your current oracle and tarot card collections.

They can be used on their own for quick readings or in conjunction with other oracle decks or tarot cards.

Pick a few cards and see what your crush or love interest has to “say” to you. You can read for yourself or do a daily check-in with your person of interest.

instant digital download

Printable Messages from Your Person

It’s the easy-to-use oracle deck loved by readers at all levels of experience.
Get ready to communicate with your Soulmate or Twin Flame. The Love Notes Oracle Deck guides you in finding the likeliest outcome for love and relationship readings.

what's included:

Channeled love messages for intuitive readings

5 downloadable “print and cut” A4/US letter sheets

50 nuanced messages for both sides of the coin

Hi, I’m Karin

An intuitive tarot reader, coach, and oracle deck creator.

As a tarot reader, I understand the importance of having the right deck to support intuitive readings. The deck must resonate with you so you can connect with them during your readings, whether for yourself or with clients.

I have created many different oracle decks for both general and love readings. And as life is not only positive, this oracle deck provides guidance on both aspects of a love’s journey for a more nuanced and accurate reading of messages from your person. Plus, they are easily adjustable as you can remove triggering cards from the deck.

I hope these cards will guide you on your journey as you learn to trust your intuition for each soulmate or twin flame reading.


Add the Love Notes Oracle to your collection for only...

$5 USD

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