Pick a Card: What’s Next In Love?

A pick a card reading where we’re looking at what’s next in love/what you can expect in terms of romance and relationships the next few months! If you’re new to pick a card readings, here’s how you do it: choose the pile you feel most drawn to and click through to watch your part of …

New Freebie: A Printable Unicorn Oracle Deck!

Hey, who doesn’t want some more unicorns in their life?? Here’s my gift to you – a printable Unicorn Oracle Deck! This mini oracle consists of 20 cards and can be used for daily card pulls, or as part of more elaborate readings. Feel free to use your imagination!  This product is an instant digital …

The Elements Oracle Deck

Here’s the latest addition to my shop; a printable oracle deck where the messages consist of numbers, months, seasons, elements, chakras and more. Very basic, but oh so useful!
It has the same size as two of my other decks, and you can therefore easily combine the two! Perfect for readings that include timing of some sort, or readings about healing and blockages.