Tarot Readers 1-on-1

Live consultation for tarot and oracle card readers who want to read with confidence, up their client management game, and get better at inspiring positive changes in their clients.

New and Aspiring Tarot and Oracle Card Readers...

If you want to deepen your individual tarot practice or collective transformational readings, then you need to master tarot card readings. Not just for yourself, but for those who you would like to serve.

Mastering the tarot and oracle cards is more than knowing what the cards share with you. It’s also about how you prepare for and manage your sessions and client expectations.

The Tarot Readers 1-on-1 Consultation is not a session to go through card meanings one by one – because you can find many resources and guides online to help you with that. It’s about learning how to guide your sessions, trust your intuition, and deliver a positively transformative experience for your clients.

These Sessions are for Persons Who...

…have started reading oracle cards or tarot for themselves, and want to talk to a professional on how to level up their game

…have a passion for a hands-on version of spirituality, just got their first tarot deck, and are not sure where to start

…want to increase their confidence so they can start reading for clients and/or do collective readings

…just want to get better at intuitive client readings.

How It Works

This is a 45-minute consultation session via Zoom for tarot readers who want guidance on improving their client readings. You also have the option to book 2 weeks of follow-up email coaching if you want further support in the areas we discussed.

The session is recorded and shared with you so you can revisit it as often as you need to.

Let’s work together to get you ready to deliver intuitive tarot reading sessions with value.

Topics We Can Cover In Our Tarot Consultation


I'm Karin...

…an intuitive tarot reader and oracle deck creator. 

I also have a background in consulting and career coaching. So, when I started reading for clients, I already had routines for how to arrange 1-on-1 sessions, to set up professional boundaries, to manage expectations during our sessions, and more.

But I realized that without this background, these are areas I would have struggled with… and where I see many new and aspiring tarot readers falter. Many new tarot readers today are overwhelmed with followers dumping their issues on them and are feeling like they needed to solve everyone’s problems.

With these tarot reader’s consultation sessions, I can help you take control of your client sessions and redirect them professionally, so you do not overburden yourself and become drained in the process.

Get Ready To Read Tarot with Confidence!

Choose a date and time that’s convenient to you and book your Tarot Readers 1-on-1 Session today for $147 USD!