Hi, I'm Karin

I’m an intuitive tarot reader and certified professional coach. I’m Swedish, currently based in Stockholm. I started reading cards a couple of years ago, and it’s been a love story ever since!

Looking for guidance? Then my live spiritual guidance sessions might be something for you! During my live sessions with clients I channel information from the Divine, while I interpret the tarot cards I have in front of me. My main psychic gift is clairaudience, which means I hear messages. I’m also somewhat clairvoyant, which means I “see” images that come as metaphors, and I will explain their meanings for you. Whether the reading is about love, career, life purpose or other; I always make sure you get the guidance you are looking for!

My live readings are all held via Zoom video call, and you get to keep a recording of the session. Scroll down to read more and click the button below to book your first session!

Client Love

Karin is amazing, you can get a feel of her abilities and how blessed she is even in a five minutes chat.
The reading was so beautiful and surreal that I shed tears! I’m glad my person feels the same way in 5D despite being the opposite in 3D. Thank you so much, Karin, for your time and effort!
Karin was very detailed in my reading. She covered so much and was extremely clear. It was very insightful and helpful for my journey. Thanks so much!!! Xoxo.

How It Works

You can book your Live Session via the link below. A session with me is 45 minutes, during which we look into whatever it is you need guidance about. Topics can be love and relationships, family, career, business, life paths etc etc.  

I use both tarot and oracle cards as my tools, and during the call I interpret cards and channel information simultaneously. The session is via Zoom video call, and you will receive a link to the session in your email confirmation. I record the call (unless you don’t want me to) and you get to keep the recording to refer back to.

I don’t offer refunds on readings, but you’re welcome to reschedule your session up until 12 hours in advance! Contact me if you have any questions prior to your booking!